High Exposure for Brand South Australia in China


The Australia China Development Company have worked successfully with BrandSA to deliver a strong consistent message to China during April-June 2015. Cristina Tridente opens Qingdao Fashion Week in April 24th-28th After wowing Qingdao in August of 2014 at the Australia China Development Company Gala Banquet, Cristina was invited to return to open Qingdao Fashion Week. During multiple fashion shows, photo shoots, designer discussions and workshops she has achieved a high degree of visibility for South Australian fashion and has developed some truly meaningful and deep relationships while on her 6 week Asialink residency.   Brand South Australia in Jinan A DVD co-produced with BrandSA was produced and presented to Qingdao Government who have in turn played it to thousands of Chinese viewers. The video introduces Adelaide Fashion Week but also has an introduction from the Premier and interviews hosted by Lily Ji featuring the Hon. Martin Haese, Irena Zhang and


Engaging with Asia starts in Chinatown Adelaide

“Engaging with Asia starts in Chinatown” says Australia’s Ambassador to China, HE Ms Frances Adamson and Chinatown Adelaide (CASA) President Irena Zhang. For most South Australian’s their first exposure to Asia is by visiting Adelaide’s Chinatown and for most Asian international tourists and students their first destination on arrival is Chinatown. 1. Adelaide receives 332,000 international visitors annually. (year ending June 2012 IVS figures) 2. Nearly a quarter of Adelaide City Councils residents are Asian born. (Russell, 2012) 3. The Chinatown Precinct is one of the most popular free international visitor attractions in South Australia. 4. The Chinatown Precinct is a keystone feature in South Australia’s growing dependence on tourism and international students. 5. Adelaide Central Market is the most visited tourist destination in SA from a broad cross section of Adelaide and overseas tourists with over 8.5 million visits per year. (Wilkinson & Mattsson, 2012) 6. Most children in