Prime Ministers 40th Anniversary Celebration of China and Australia Diplomatic Relations

The Australia China Development Company Chairman The Hon. Chris Schacht and General Manager Conan Fahey recently attended a dinner given by the Honourable Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia on 12th December 2012 at Parliament House, Canberra, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with the Peoples Republic of China.

Politburo Member and State Councillor Madam Liu Yandong addressed the Great Hall in Canberra.

As we Chinese like to say, when one drinks water you must not forget where it comes from. We should thank the older generation of Chinese and Australian statesmen for their strategic decision 40 years ago, thank the success of generations of leaders for advancing this relationship.Madam Liu Yandong is a protg of outgoing paramount leader Hu Jintao and has supreme state responsibility for Chinas vast education, culture and science and technology portfolios.
Full article can be found at: ABC News

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