Chinatown lights up for Harajuko no Yoko

The Chinatown Community hosted the first “Harajuku no Yoko” event. Moonta Street was transformed.


Harajuku No Yoko interview on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm (Fashions of theTakeshita Dori Market)

In that brief period between Fringe, Comic-Con and Cabaret Festival, here comes another opportunity to hit Adelaides streets wearing your most funky and out there costume for a night in Chinatown. Adelaide City Council and The Australia China Development Company will be hosting a market on Moonta Street in April, celebrating the fashion and culture of the Takeshita Dori scene in Tokyo. Angus Randell spoke with organisers Craig Backshaw and Suzanna Bailey. Listen to the full interview at Radio Adelaide 101.5fm


Chinatown Harajuku no Yoko Feature @ ABC News

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said the early evening market on Friday in Moonta Street would aim to create an atmosphere similar to the popular Takeshita Dori in Tokyo.


All eyes are looking to Asia


Article reproduced from the column of Stephen Yarwood, Adelaide’s Lord Mayor in the City Messenger. Asia is booming. Its economy has proven resilient during economic downturn and it is overwhelming to contemplate cities bigger than Australia’s population. Tokyo and Seoul are greater than 20 million and a further 10 Asian cities have populations of more than 10 million. That’s big! Given Australia’s proximity to Asia, it is important we build a future with this region for cultural and economic benefit. Asian students and immigration bring valuable business opportunities to our shores whilst cultural diversity and associated spectacular food make Adelaide a more dynamic and interesting destination. All over the world local Chinatowns are the material expression of the growing connection between east and west. Adelaide’s Moonta Street, located adjacent the Central Market and Gouger Street, is a good example of a focal point for people of diverse Asian backgrounds to


Chinatown Harajuku no Yoko

Chinatown is the place for Harajuku Photo by Fotoplay

Chinatown is set to get a splash of colour… anime, cosplay, Harajuku fashion and music.