Jay Weatherill welcomes Chinese Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu at OzAsia launch

Jay Weatherill welcomes Chinese Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu at OzAsia launch

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill gave a welcoming keynote address to the Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Ma Zhaoxu, on his inaugural visit to South Australia. The address was given on OZAsias opening night of which this year Shandong, China is featured.

Mr Weatherill described South Australias approach to international engagement and stressed throughout his address connect strength, work together. It was noted that China is now South Australias largest trading partner accounting for 27% of SAs exports.

He said We want new people to visit South Australia, new students to come to South Australia, and new businesses to invest in South Australia.

Mr Weatherill said as Australias only Labour Premier, he hoped to continue Gough Whitlams legacy who normalised diplomatic relations with China in 1972.

He said True engagement is not simply a series of business transactions. It must be motivated by more than commercial instinct. He expressed that true exchange should trancend into areas such as education, science, sport and the arts.

An announcement was made that a working group has been formed to develop a Mandarin-English bu-lingual program and that in the future a SA school would be sought to implement the program.

In keeping with Ozasias launch he discussed the importance of Shandong as a Chinese cultural beacon and welcomed Mr Ma to enjoy the Shandong focused festival.

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