High Exposure for Brand South Australia in China

The Australia China Development Company have worked successfully with BrandSA to deliver a strong consistent message to China during April-June 2015.

Cristina Tridente opens Qingdao Fashion Week in April 24th-28th

After wowing Qingdao in August of 2014 at the Australia China Development Company Gala Banquet, Cristina was invited to return to open Qingdao Fashion Week. During multiple fashion shows, photo shoots, designer discussions and workshops she has achieved a high degree of visibility for South Australian fashion and has developed some truly meaningful and deep relationships while on her 6 week Asialink residency.

brandsa in shanghai


Brand South Australia in Jinan

A DVD co-produced with BrandSA was produced and presented to Qingdao Government who have in turn played it to thousands of Chinese viewers. The video introduces Adelaide Fashion Week but also has an introduction from the Premier and interviews hosted by Lily Ji featuring the Hon. Martin Haese, Irena Zhang and Geoff Hardy. It will be put on further TV rotation in the coming months.

BRAND SA during the Premiers Delegation in Jinan and Qingdao

premium brandsa black tshirtsThe South Australia Brand message was consistent during the delegation which began in Jinan and traveled to Qingdao. Many delegates proudly wore a BrandSA T-shirt and enjoyed photo’s in front of specially produced banners. The BrandSA pins were gifted and highly coveted. Feedback received from China is overwhelmingly positive. The key messages are that SA is perceived to be progressive modern, serious about doing business in China and that we are economically strong and focused.

Shanghai Superscreens

With a partnership and MoU signing between Australia China Development Company and Unimedia, ACDC were able to produce a 15 second interstitial showcased on 11 enormous LED outdoor screens around Shanghai on top of RT-Mart stores. The Unimedia produced clip directs the user to a BrandSA youku channel which offers the 20 minute video portioned into individual interviews.

Photo credit: Video produced by 57 Films for Government of South Australia

Photo credit: Video produced by 57 Films for Government of South Australia

“The brand mark was specifically designed to convey this message, with South Australia depicted as a doorway in the centre of Australia. Darren Thomas, the CEO of Thomas Foods International and the Chairman of Brand South Australia, was instrumental in developing the brand mark. Thomas traveled on the 250-strong trade delegation and was pleased to see the brand achieving its goals.

“The brand mark had to clearly identify where South Australia is in this big wide world, and I think the iconography clearly shows that,” Thomas said. “After being so closely connected to the brand I was very proud to see the way it was being used and we looked professional and coordinated as a group of individuals from many different backgrounds and industries.” From an article written by By Jim Plouffe ‘Brand South Australia gains traction in China

Many thanks to the Unimedia Team, Business SA, BrandSA, Pamela Wales, Lily Ji, 57 Films, Cristina Tridente, Claire Bunten.

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