Chinatown Adelaide guide to Lunar New Year 2016

Lunar New Year 2016 is less than a month away! This special cultural holiday is celebrated in Adelaide’s Chinatown as close as possible to the date of Chinese New Year. The year of the Monkey begins on Monday 8th February with 2016 Chinatown celebrations held on Saturday 13th February. There is so much to see and do, we’ll try to cover this year’s festivities in detail so you can plan your day.


The event grows in size every year due the hard work of many dedicated volunteers. Chinatown Adelaide of SA Inc. (CASA) is the organiser of the event. The committee members are volunteers who work with cultural organisations to bring joy, happiness and prosperity to Adelaide every year. Since 2013 the event has spilled out of its traditional home in Moonta Street to also include Gouger Street.

Prosperity Dinner

A special mention to the CASA Prosperity dinner to be held at TChow on the 9th February. Enjoy prosperity dishes and guest entertainers. This wonderful prelude to Chinatown Lunar New Year 2016 is selling out quickly. Tickets can be purchased for $98.80 per person from George Chin – CASA President at Adelaide Chinatown Lotteries in Moonta St (Chinatown) Mob: 0416 026 074.

brandsa in shanghai

New Corporate Box Area

Open from 6.30pm until 10.30pm, the Lunar New Year Corporate Box will have an excellent view of the staged entertainment. For just $25 you will enjoy 3 drinks (2 glasses of wine & a non-alcoholic drink) and finger food between 7-9pm. The corporate box area will be a licensed area, so once you have enjoyed a couple of wines, you can continue to purchase more from within this area. The areas outside of the corporate box are unlicensed. With great views and delicious nibbles the corporate box (300 people) will sell quickly before the big day! Tickets can be purchased for $25 per person from George Chin – CASA President at Adelaide Chinatown Lotteries in Moonta St (Chinatown) Mob: 0416 026 074.

Lion Dance

A much asked question is when will the Lion Dance be held? There will be so many Lions that you can’t possibly miss one! Since last year, CASA has worked with many schools and cultural organisations to bring more Lions and therefore more luck and prosperity to the event. If you would like to take part in the tradition of presenting hongbao (红包) to the Lion, you will be able to buy red envelopes on the day. The younger Lion Dance groups will perform in the daytime with the adult Lion Dancers seen later in the evening.

2016 Chinatown Adelaide Lunar New Year Street Party Map


Lunar New Year in Chinatown is a family friendly day and stalls are a popular attraction with all ages. You’ll find many community groups located on Moonta Street and vast assortment of merchandise, crafts and food throughout Gouger Street. There are still some stallholder locations available. More information can be obtained from Jacky Young 0425 251 113. Read the form so that you can familiarize yourself first.


We’ve been told this years stage is even bigger than last year! Weather permitting, it will be open and visible from many directions so everyone can enjoy the performances. If you’ve been to previous years events, you’ll appreciate the hard work and dedication of many cultural groups to prepare their performances for this special day. Cultural performances will feature during the daytime between 12 and 5pm. The evening entertainment will include both cultural and contemporary performances between 6.30- 10.30pm. Eric Lai (CASA Vice President) has told us to expect some exciting additions to the schedule including a ‘Battle of the Bands’. 3 bands will rock out in Mandarin, Japanese and Cantonese from approximately 4 till 5.30pm.


Lunar New Year is a time for sharing food with family and friends. The corporate box will serve finger food between 7 & 9pm (get one of these tickets before they sell out). Many of the stalls will serve traditional and contemporary food from around the world and you’ll also find food trucks. Do you have a food truck? There are still a couple of positions available. Call Jacky Yang on 0425 251 113.

Sponsors & Volunteers

Chinatown Adelaide of SA Inc. wishes to thank the sponsors of the 2016 Lunar New Year Street Party. The community are extremely grateful for their contribution. Also a word of thanks to the CASA committee members for once again organizing such a big celebration and to the volunteers who will work on the day to help us all.



Global Dance & Stage

Lunar New Year 2016 Quick Facts

Location: Moonta Street & Gouger Street, Adelaide
Date: Saturday, 13th February 2016
Official Function: 12.00 pm – 2.00pm
Day Entertainment: 12.00pm – 5.00pm
Night Entertainment: 6:30pm-10:30pm

Facebook Event
Chinatown Adelaide of SA Inc. (CASA)

Chinatown Adelaide Corporate Box

  • within the street party
  • Sat,13th Feb 6.30pm – 10:30pm
  • Open to public who would like to join in
  • Limited Ticket: $25 per person
  • Includes 3 drinks (2 glasses of wine & a non-alcoholic drink)
  • Finger foods between 7pm – 9pm

LNY Prosperity Gala Dinner

  • Tue, 9th Feb
  • Limited Ticket: $98.80 per person
  • Chinese New Year Prosperity dishes & Guest entertainers

Both tickets can be obtained from:
George Chin – President
Location: X-lotto shop in Moonta St (Chinatown)
Mob: 0416 026 074

Stallholder and Food Truck Enquiries
Jacky Young 0425 251 113.

Sponsorship enquiries
George Chin – President
Tel: 8231 2218
Mob: 0416 026 074
Eric Lai – Vice President
Mob: 0414 485 925


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