Adelaide Chinatown Redevelopment Strategy

Adelaide is the jewel in the crown of South Australia, and is the first and last vision that visitors have of this great state. It is what drives investment to the state, particularly in the areas of mining, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing. The heart of any city is undoubtedly the food district; it is a place where people congregate, trade, live life and engages.This is where the true vibrancy of a city emerges. In Adelaide our food district is the Chinatown precinct. The true heart of the city may be known as Chinatown but it really represents a broad cross section of our multicultural community and the wider community soaking up the atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibrancy of the wider Chinatown precinct.

The benefits for South Australia are lucrative and far reaching. They include increased tourism and investment, an increased residential linkage to business, the greater salability to overseas investors and prestigious partnerships with other cities in Asia. By tapping into great opportunities that already exist we can better utilize Chinatown as a conduit to Asia.

Adelaide City Councils vision for Chinatown should reflect the broad value it offers South Australia. The City of Sydney Council is a great example of how to do it.Chinatown Public Domain Planis fully underway after working with the community to develop a strategy for redevelopment.

International Food Plaza Entrance

International Food Plaza Entrance


Sydney Redevelopment of Chinatown  Visualisation

Sydney Redevelopment of Chinatown Visualisation

The visualisations above are just two of the Sydney’s Chinatown streets receiving a facelift. Adelaide City Council should look to Sydney’s excellence and adopt a similar strategy.

Worldwide, Chinatowns are considered significant centers offood, family, commerceandtourism. You only need to consider the inspiration and success of other Chinatowns around the world like San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and Sydney to imagine how Adelaides wider Chinatownprecinct can be improved upon. There is an incredible opportunity to build upon the energy and ideas of previous ACC leaders to make our Chinatown the best in Australia.

Article reproduced from The Australia China Development Company

UPDATE on Chinatown

From Stephen Yarwoodon 20th October, 2011.
” It is in our best interests to ensure China Town flourishes. It is our gateway to Asian business and a statement that Adelaide City Council is in the politics of globalization. Cultural diversity is one of Adelaides strategic strengths and we must embrace international partnerships to forge a prosperous future”. Adelaide City Council Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood

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