Chinatown reinvigoration plan goes before council

Irena Zhang Chinatown Upgrade

Chinatown’s main thoroughfare, labelled “almost embarrassing” by prominent Adelaide businesswoman Irena Zhang last year, is in line for a significant revamp as part of a wider ‘Chinatown Reinvigoration’ plan. The planned revamp is crucial for “the Chinese community in Adelaide, the growth in Chinese tourism and more tourism between China and Australia,” Lord Mayor Martin Haese said. “Let’s set it up for the next 20 or 30 years.” The proposal includes $30,000 funding for the plan preparation and engagement, $50,000 for district activation (including event activity) plus $20,000 to support improvements to shopfronts. Funds will be offered on a 50/50 basis with building owners as an incentive for early engagement so that upgrades to private buildings can be considered as public realm improvements, generating a ‘quick win’ scenario. If accepted by council, preparation of the reinvigoration plan is expected to be completed during 2017/18 with the overhaul completed by late


SA Liberals commit $500k to develop Chinatown

David Ridgeway Chinatown Redevelopment

The Hon. David Ridgway MLC, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Shadow Minister for Tourism, Primary Industries, Food & Wine tweets that “The State Liberals have committed $500k to developing Chinatown Mall to benefit tourists and local businesses if elected in March 2018.”


Engaging with Asia starts in Chinatown Adelaide

“Engaging with Asia starts in Chinatown” says Australia’s Ambassador to China, HE Ms Frances Adamson and Chinatown Adelaide (CASA) President Irena Zhang. For most South Australian’s their first exposure to Asia is by visiting Adelaide’s Chinatown and for most Asian international tourists and students their first destination on arrival is Chinatown. 1. Adelaide receives 332,000 international visitors annually. (year ending June 2012 IVS figures) 2. Nearly a quarter of Adelaide City Councils residents are Asian born. (Russell, 2012) 3. The Chinatown Precinct is one of the most popular free international visitor attractions in South Australia. 4. The Chinatown Precinct is a keystone feature in South Australia’s growing dependence on tourism and international students. 5. Adelaide Central Market is the most visited tourist destination in SA from a broad cross section of Adelaide and overseas tourists with over 8.5 million visits per year. (Wilkinson & Mattsson, 2012) 6. Most children in


Chinatown lights up for Harajuko no Yoko

The Chinatown Community hosted the first “Harajuku no Yoko” event. Moonta Street was transformed.