Creatives call for Chinatown Upgrade

Richard Lyons Chinatown Concept Artwork Richard Lyons Chinatown Concept Artwork

Iconic SA Photographer Richard Lyons has recently asked the question. Should Chinatown Adelaide be improved?

“Toward the end of last year I kicked up a fuss about the state of Chinatown. So I spoke to my partner in crime, Adelaide expat Carl Van Wijk in Tokyo… with his advice I invested some time and photographed the entrance so we could create a vision of what he and I thought it could look like potentially. If you say something negative you need to back it up with a positive right? So here it is. Just a mock up, get people talking perhaps? A few more lanterns, some visual imagery ( happy to provide) a big kick arse video screen in the middle rotating images of S.A, paint the town red and throw in a rickshaw or two. Let me know what you think?”

7 December 2016

Yesterday I expressed my thoughts on the state of Chinatown. Ive been interested in opening a tshirt shop with my imagery, there is some nice vacant shops becoming available there. My post was my thoughts… when I looked at the state of the place, I thought “I need to clean this place up a bit if I want a shop here”. It caused me a bit of concern that maybe I upset some people, although I speak freely. So today I rang a few of the people who commented on the issue and asked them to come to my studio for a chat this afternoon. They kindly offered their time. Amongst vivid conversation and a glass of wine, I feel I can relax/feel confident with my comments. To be continued…

6 December 2016

So I took a walk down Chinatown this morning as it is meant to be one of our hubs of Adelaide… a tourist destination! Well I was shocked to be honest, the state of the mall as it is today. What a disgrace. We promote this city as a study destination for Chinese students and we give them this…our version of a Chinatown… Seriously? It looks like a prison the top facade. The paving is old and dirty. As a resident of Gouger st, I hear lots of people mention it. Why don’t we as a collective/creative industry put some ideas together that might inspire our council to do something? I could at least provide some imagery…any other ideas?

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