Australia signs historic pact with China, pledges co-operation

Julia Gillard Historic China Pact Julia Gillard Historic China Pact

“Julia Gillard has scored a foreign policy coup, signing a historic pact with China for direct annual meetings with Premier Li Keqiang and pledges for formal co-operation on climate change, international aid and currency trading. Capping afive-day visit to China by Australia’s most senior political delegation, the deal represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in the Australia-China relationship since Gough Whitlam recognised the communist state more than 40 years ago.”

“Australia is only China’s seventh-biggest trading partner, yet the agreements lift relations to the highest level. Just Germany and Russia can presently boast of annual meetings of their heads of government with China’s. The US dollar andJapanese yen are the only other foreign currencies directly trading with the yuan. Regular military exercises with the PLA have until now been the sole domain of Pakistan.”

By: Sid Maher; From: The Australian; April 10, 2013

Full article can be found at: The Australian

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