Chinese tourists head to Australia for Year of the Snake

Chinatown is the place for Harajuku no Yoko Chinatown is the place for Harajuku no Yoko

“South Australia is also an increasingly hot destination for Chinese tourists.Conan Fahey of the Australia-China Development Company and one of the main organisers of the Adelaide festivities says this year the city is expecting to attract more than double the amount of local and international visitors than in years gone past.

I believe theyve had between 7,000 and 9,000 visitors in previous years, but this year theyre anticipating a lot more, he says.With classes such as chopstick dexterity and Chinese calligraphy, the events cater to local enthusiasts as well as visitors.

Fahey says Adelaide has been able to grow its activities in part due to extra funding allocated by Adelaide City Council in partnership with the Chinatown Association.

Written by: Rhiannon Elston; From: SBS World News Australia ; 9th February, 2013

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The Australia China Development Company website

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