Australian companies urged to go native in China

Australian food needs a Chinese flavour Australian food needs a Chinese flavour

Martin Jacques, a leading British academic who wrote a best-selling book called When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order believes that the winners of the next century will be those who are able to integrate themselves into China’s ways – “we will all require to be sinocised in some terms or another”, he says.

And that’s where Australia has a competitive advantage. Jacques says that Australia is the “cutting edge country in the age of China and he’s been very impressed by how able Australian business people have been in their attempts to understand China’s nuances. But if Australian companies are to really make it in China, Jacques says they’ve “got to go seriously native. The people running your firms either need to be Chinese, or speak Chinese, know the customs, and be deeply embedded.” Those who’ve done that and been there for the long haul have done and will do well.”

By: Jackson Hewett ; From: The Advertiser; April 19, 2013

Full article can be found at Business Spectator 

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