Virtual Vantage

Hello, I'm Jannyfer and I call myself the complusive organiser!

I help busy sole traders, freelancers and consultants achieve a work-life balance through productivity systems. I work with my clients by understanding their challenges, how they work and the outcomes they are after to which I create personalised strategies and processes that work for them both in a physical and electronic space.

Maybe your emails have been getting out of hand with 1000 unread emails still sitting in your inbox. Or your work space is not set up right and you cannot find anything you need. What about the piles of business cards left on your desk you don?t know how to deal with? And the annoying repetitive tasks that take up precious time that you wish could be automated.

Using my expertise can save you time and money.

Furthermore, I support my clients with consuming but necessary tasks so they have more time to focus on running their business, bringing in new clients and get on with what they do best!

I truly believe you should only do what is worth your time and if its not your strength, outsource it.

If this sounds like something you are struggling with, get in touch with me today! Click the link for more information about how I can help you become productive!

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