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753 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054, Australia

One way travel. Multimodal options (Melbourne’s train, tram or bus). Small storage area. All of these are made easy with a folding bike. Today’s modern folding bikes are easy to fold and ride brilliantly.

We have a broad range to suit various budgets and purposes. We are proudly Australia’s highest-selling Brompton dealer and have a range of Tern bikes to suit different styles and budgets.

Click here to see some of the quality folding bikes we have available.

Decades ago, folding bikes were horrible.  But nowadays, they’re light, quick, handle well and give you the ultimate in versatility to transport yourself and some cargo from place to place.  Suiting a variety of rider sizes, and types of riding we can match you to the folding bike that best suits your needs.

The folding bikes we stock are the best-of-breed for the types of customers who come to our store.  They’re generally great at commuting, but can also be used for other things depending upon what you’re after.  We also offer bikes at a few different price-points, as sometimes that’s people’s key driving factor.  Many just want to give it a go, to try out this whole folding bike concept to see if it works for them.  (Of course, you can take any of our bikes for a test ride).

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