Caleb James Shang


The highest most decorated Chinese Australian soldier who served in World War 1, receiving the Distinguished Conduct Medal twice and the Military Medal. He served with distinction on the Western Front, primarily as a scout and sniper. Shang Street in Mooroobo, a suburb of Cairns, is named after him.

Duckbour Caleb James Shang, known as Caleb, or by his Chinese name Lee, or the nickname “Charlie”, was one of the more unlikely heroes of World War I. Quiet, soft-spoken and shy, the slightly-built Queenslander from far north Cairns was 170 cm tall and weighed 51 kg. Furthermore, as the son of a Chinese-born father and Australian-born mother, nobody expected him to even enlist, as only those of European ancestry were considered eligible for military service at this time, and it was unusual for people of Asian ancestry to join the armed forces.

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