Beverley Dental

Beverley Dental is a first-rate dental practice comprise of responsive and dedicated dental team led by Dr. Vlad Vescovo. We offer complete dental services for patients in our purpose built surgery at Midwest Health.
Your dental consultation will have a whole new experience as Dr. Vescovo conducts a relaxing and a more personal manner to answer and cater the queries of patients attending his dental office.

Patients will be able to receive ample explanations regarding all our dental treatments. Also, we will provide full clarifications of fees involved prior to the procedure. We also encourage our patients to bring a relative or friend to appointments if it helps them. Beverley Dental understands your need to feel comfortable; thus, we make every effort to make all dental services as stress-free as possible.

We know how hard it is for some people to undergo dental procedure that’s why nervous and anxious patients are handled in a gentle and compassionate approach. Therefore, if "dental anxiety" is a major problem, we can hand over numerous options, which can be discussed either through calling the surgery or at the first consultation.

Our comprehensive services include: Complete general dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Crown & bridge, Non-amalgam white fillings, Tooth whitening (at home), Root canal treatment, Wisdom teeth treatment, Hospital general anaesthetic available, Dentures – full and partial, Electronic claims processing, Veterans’ Affairs patient care and
South Australian Dental Service patient care (with approval).

(We are located in Beverley, and serve patients from Woodville Park, Woodville South, Woodville West, Woodville, Flinders Park, Welland, West Croydon.)


Our Dental Offers:

FREE Dental Consultation for all of our Dental Services
Guaranteed Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment
Book your appointment at [email protected] or call (08) 8348 0011 Today!

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