AVCon : Adelaide's Anime & Video Games Convention

North Terrace, Adelaide

AVCon is Adelaide’s premiere Anime & Video Games Convention! Tournaments, Cosplay and Anime screenings every July. 2012 Avcon attracted over 17,000 visitors! AVCon is a fantastic place to bring the whole family along to! The event is an all inclusive exciting environment which with entertainment for both you and your children. The organising committee strive to provide you with all the information you need to help make the day as entertaining and exciting as possible.

Kids Area

Younger children will be safe from more mature games in this area of the festival. With family friendly video games and activities, there's no better place at our event for your children to have an AVCon experience that's tailored to suit their needs.

Sit back and let your kids choose from a large range of games from board games through to Super Mario Bros or take part in colouring and art and craft activities. You can have a well deserved break, looking on while your kids make a mess of our place not yours! (Not too much of a mess though! They break it, you bought it!)

 MA15+ Ratings

MA15+ is a legally restricted classification. Attendees must be able to prove their age with valid identification as being 15 or over to participate in MA15+ rated gaming tournaments or enter MA15+ areas or screenings of the convention. Participants under 15 years of age are permitted only when they are accompanied by their parent or guardian. The "guardian" must be an adult exercising "parental control' over the person under 15 years of age. The guardian must be 18 years or older. An older sibling or friend would not generally satisfy this requirement, whereas a grand parent aunt or uncle may. This is a legal requirement under Australian classification law and is not negotiable. 

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