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Our Pre Purchase house inspection reports are comprehensive, easy to follow and include a summary, conclusion and photographs. Our inspections and reports comply with the relevant Australian Standard, AS 4349.1. Using the 'Homeworthy' inspection system our reports are available within 24hrs of the inspection and our inspector is available to discuss any concerns you may have 

我们的购买前房屋检查报告是全面的,易于遵循的。其中包括一个总结,结论还有照片。我们的检查和报告符合相关的澳大利亚标准,AS 4349.1。使用“Homeworthy检测系统,您将在24小时内获得我们的报告,我们的检查员会与您讨论您所关心的任何问题

Other Service

Builders do not openly advertise the additional costs you are likely to incur until after you have signed the contract to build with them. Even many so called ‘Fixed Price’ contacts are not as they seem. We understand most of these additional or hidden costs and can bring these to your attention as you are making decisions. No one likes to be surprised by these additional costs later. We can also assist in obtaining an initial quotation and assist you to negotiate discounts. 


Display Home Navigation - Display homes can be a real trap for purchasers since they most often display extras that are not included even in the the builder’s ‘top of the range’ option. We can assist with display home inspections by walking you through the display home you are in interested in. We can help you better understand what is “included’ in the price, and what would likely be an an additional or potentially a ‘hidden’ cost. It is important to ask specific questions and have the builders representative answer these. I will help to ensure these questions are asked and answered.


Construction Inspections - We can provide inspections of homes being built by your chosen project builder, providing you with a professional observation of construction progress and quality.

施工检查 - 我们可以提供由您所选择的项目建设者建造的房屋的专业检查,为您提供专业的施工进度和质量的监查。

New Home Pre-Handover Inspections - At a Pre-Handover Inspection the client has the last opportunity to assess the finish and workmanship of their new home.  It has been my experience that once clients ‘hands over’ the final payment, their ability to have problems or imperfections rectified seems no longer to be a priority to the builder.  So having us present during this meeting with the builder will help you the client ensure the defects are found, noted and rectified while you still have leverage.

新家预交接检查在一个预交接检查中,客户有最后的机会来评估他们的新家的完成和质量。据我的经验,一旦客户完成了最后付款,他们提出问题或提出缺陷的修正似乎不再对建筑商起作用了。 所以,在与建筑商的这个会议期间,我在这个会议上帮助客户确保房屋存在的缺陷被发现,被指出并且能得到建筑商的纠正。

Site Evaluations - Some sites will be considerably more expensive to build on than other seemingly similar sites. We can assit you in uncovering the potential issues on the land you are looking at, before you make this big decision.




My Name is Chris Irvine, I have 29 years of business experience with 17 of these years in the building industry including real estate, land division and development. Over the last 17 years I have worked speculatively on many development projects. Typically this would entail - land acquisition, development design, obtaining development approvals for both land division and dwelling construction, construction of civil infrastructure (roads and services), dwelling construction to ‘turn key’ completion, landscaping, marketing of finished house and land packages.  I am a licensed builder, for both residential and civil construction. I have also engaged various other builders on my projects and therefore understand many of their costing procedures. 

I am in an excellent position to share my experience so others can better navigate their way into and through a building project. Builders do not openly advertise the additional costs you are likely to incur until after you have signed the contract to build with them. Even many so called ‘Fixed Price’ contracts are not as they seem. Wouldn't you like an independent professional looking out for you? Now you can!

我叫 Chris Irvine(何凯斯)。我有29年的商业经验,有17年在建筑行业的经验,包括房地产,土地开发和发展。在过去的17年里,我曾开发过许多发展项目, 包括土地征用,开发设计,获得发展的批准,土地分割和住宅建设,民用基础设施建设(道路和服务),拎包入住房屋即全装修房屋,景观美化,销售完成的房子和土地。我是一个有执照的建筑师,不仅有住宅建筑授权,也有民用建筑授权。在我的一些项目中,我也与很多别的建筑师有过合作,因此我理解许多他们的成本核算步骤

正因为以上丰富的经历,我可以运用我的经验帮助客户更好地在他们的房屋项目中得到帮助与指导。建筑商不会公开地告诉您可能会产生的额外费用,直到您和他们签署了合同。甚至有很多所谓的固定价格也并不是像他们所说的那样。难道您不正需要一个独立的专业人士为您保驾护航吗? 现在就联系我们吧!

For immediate assistance on appointment availability before booking please feel free to contact us on  0435 558 415

在预约前,如急需在时间安排上得到协助,请联系我们 0435558415

Christopher Irvine Family Trust ABN 75 639 055 758







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