Adelaide and Qingdao Friendly Cooperative City Relationship


A Sister State relationship exists between Shandong Province and South Australia and Adelaide and Qingdao have a highly regarded cooperative city relationship.  South Australia and Shandong Province established Sister State Level Relations in 1986. Adelaide and Qingdao established their Friendly Cooperative City status on the 29th of March 2000.

South Australian businesses have  an advantages over other international competitors due to the highly regarded cooperative city relationship and the increased frequency of important delegations between Qingdao and Adelaide illustrates the eagerness of both cities to strengthen our cooperative city and sister state relationships holistically through education, business, sports, the arts and tourism.

  • Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city that lies at the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula. The city is sometimes known as the Switzerland of the Orient. Located in Jiaozhou Bay facing the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is also a well-known holiday destination in China. The city has seven urban districts and five county level cities under its jurisdiction. Today it is one of the most important open coastal cities and one of the independent cities with state planning and budgeting powers with its own provincial power in economic management.
  • Many geographical, political and economic factors make Qingdao the most strategic “beach-head” for those seeking to do business in China. The Adelaide/ Qingdao relationship can be utilized as an entry point for other business and interest groups looking for long term business opportunities in China.
  • Qingdao provides the best prospects for a formal relationship with Adelaide, in terms of advancing the economic development strategy of the city, and enhancing the city’s achievement of its strategic goals.

South Australia and Shandong Province Sister State relationship

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